Kyocera CompactFlash

Kyocera CompactFlash
Physical Characteristics

Dimensions: Approximately 1 11/16"L x 1 7/16"W x 1/8"H

Supported Printers¹
  • Kyocera: FS1010, FS1800, FS1900, FS2000, FS2020, FS3800, FS3820, FS3830, FS3900, FS4000, FS4020, FS9100, FS9500, FS9530, FSC5016N, FSC5300, KM1530, KM2030, KM2530, KM3035, KM3530, KM4530, KM5530, KM7530, KMC830D
Additional Notes

The Kyocera CompactFlash is not compatible with the HP CompactFlash.

¹ The printers listed are those Intercon is aware of supporting this media and is not intended to be a complete list of supported printers.