Accessible FormNetâ„¢ implemented at The Bureau of Indian Affairs

February 2003

Rochester, New York - Today, Intercon, announced that it’s Accessible FormNet™ has been implemented at The Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Carlos LaBrada, an IT Specialist with The Bureau of Indian Affairs had this to say about Accessible FormNet™. "We use in-house developed forms. We bought new computers that had different operating systems. The forms solution we were using was incompatible with the new system. Accessible FormNet is compatible with our new operating systems and more importantly, it is 508 compliant. Accessible FormNet™ is working very well for us."

Mr. John C. Paroda, President of Intercon said, "The Bureau of Indian Affairs has limited Internet access. Intercon’s solution was a good fit for them since it is flexible enough to allow them to use Accessible FormNet in different environments. Also, Accessible FormNet™ has been passed the test of time relative to 508 Accessibility Compliance. Other Agencies have been extremely satisfied with it. The ease of use, features, usability and costs are second to none."

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