Flash Media Finder

Welcome to Intercon's Flash Media Finder. Whether you are looking to upgrade your printer or you are looking for flash media for an existing printer, the Flash Media Finder can tell you which particular flash card your printer takes.

Finding flash media by printer model

If you don't know what flash media your printer takes, the Printer Model section has printers sorted by vendor, then by printer model within that vendor. We currently have information for printers from Lexmark, HP and Kyocera. Or see our complete list of vendors and models. Each flash media type is linked to a page that gives you more information about the media.

Finding printers by flash media type

If you want more information about a particular flash media type, check the Flash Media section, or if you want to know what other printers use that flash media (useful if you're upgrading your printer), each type has its own description page. On these pages you find information such as a picture of the media, its physical dimensions, a list of other printers that use that flash media, and any other notes including installation instructions (if available).

Find Media By Printer